Saturday, May 17, 2008

the reggae song is uploading!

good news!
i finished the reggae song i've been talking about
it's uploading as i type
i hope people like it,
as far as i know it's the first wizard reggae song EVER!
becasue of that i'm allowed to name the genre
i hereby pronounce it to be called Wreggae!
(btw the song's called Big Magic Wreggae Party)

they better put THIS on the front page at wizrocklopedia :P

hugs and kisses

for all you atriumcasters

the new episode (from memory, i think it's 109), has an interview with yours truly!

check it out

or you can go onto itunes store and search 'atriumcast'
make sure you listen AND subscribe, it's an awesome podcast!

matt xox

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

album art official!!!!

that's right folks!
mizzle has very generously and awesomely donated her free time to make me some album art with her photoshop prowess!
(although I think she uploaded about 10 different versions beforethe final one =P)
if you click on the blog name (album art official!!!!) you will be re-directed to a hi-res version (from memory i think it's about 800px square)

it's very very very very very cool
and the album, entitled
"Advanced Defence Mechanisms"
is not very far away, maybe two more weekends of solid mm work on my behalf =]

in case you missed it,
it's just up there.
scroll up a bit.

there is no official track listing yet, but it won't be far away!
as i said, it will be a FREE DOWNLOAD for EVERYONE!
although, i must ask people to just send me a message on myspace if you download,
so i can personally thank you :P
and also keep track of how many people listen =]
probably about 7 or 8 tracks 


Thursday, May 8, 2008

no updates for a while

i feel like i should be doing something - more songs, releasing the album art, or anything
but i haven't had much free time lately, and my weekend this week is packed with work and sport committments
ihave been writing songs though, i proimise
i've got a few .txt files just begging me to record them as songs :P


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2000+ profile views, 500+ track plays

and i remember the post i blogged a while ago entitled
"500+ profile views, 50+ track plays"
this is awesome guys

and keep listening!
myspace is the only place you can listen
until the record comes out


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i'm at a very critical condition.
like a car the split second before it crashes.
the moment before you land
and splatter everywhere
that's where i am now

i have extremely low self esteem
i admit
like, about as low as is possible
i may seem to be very upbeat and happy
but never;
i also may seem to not care about anything, like a feather floating in the breeze
not me
i am falling, not floating
and never landing so i can pick myself back up again
but just screaming on my way down forever


ps this is possibly the mostdepressing blog ever by a wrock band :P

as this serves as my personal blog, not just mm

i will blog as if no one is reading.